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All cancellations must be in writing.


Once a booking has been confirmed and a deposit paid the booking is considered live and is subject to "No refunds" company cancellations policy, for any reason after the travel or travel date has confirmed/commenced. Early return of caravan/motorhome for any reason and for pre-booked kilometres, whatsoever after travel has commenced will as well be subject to "no refund" policy.


These terms of use, which are subject to Indian law, contain the entire agreement between us with respect to our site. No part of these terms & conditions are intended to constitute an exclusion of any liability which cannot be excluded under Indian law. GOVERNING LAWThis agreement is governed by the Indian laws. Any dispute will be settled in the court of Delhi only.

Our staff, is one of our key assets and are very carefully selected & trained to ensure that your trip is trouble-free & enjoyable as possible. Many have been with us for very long time. Because of our Chauffeur & Attendant and a good selection of spare parts and a comprehensive tool kit to undertake any necessary repairs on our own as and when we need to, we are not at the mercy of a local mechanic because our staff is trained to get the job done. We are totally self-sufficient and can camp underneath the stars. The ability to remain both mobile and self-sufficient is the essence of travel overland withMOTORHOME ADVENTURES.

The hirer agrees that he or she: Liabilities A) Shall not carry more passengers than the seating capacity what is actually mentioned on the vehicle registration book or carry goods for hire & reward. B) Will be responsible for any damage to the interior or exterior, including the amenities of CARAVAN, i.e. equipments, fixtures and fittings and damage caused by improper use due to negligence in operation. In all cases hirer will be charged for the damage. C) All animals other than guided dogs have to be approved by the company at the time of booking. If approved, all damage however caused by the animals will be charged to the hirer. D) Understands that no claims for loss or damage to personal belongings or valuables of the hirer or any person or persons will be undertaken by Motorhome Adventures.

  1. E) Caravans are registered under surface and Regional Transport office 'RTO' where it doesn't allow passengers to use alcohol or drugs inside the caravans, while caravan is moving or stationery. Hirer are responsible for all costs and expenses incurred as a result of offences under the influence or keeping of alcohol or drugs inside the vehicle.


Problems encountered with the vehicle or equipment must be reported to Motorhome Adventures (On-board Staff) and give them an opportunity to rectify the problem within the rental period. In all cases the responsibility of company is limited to refunding for the time that the vehicle was actually in repair. No alternative accommodation or food items will be paid for during down time.

Malfunction of Radio/Cassette/DVD players, LCD’s, Videos, Microwave, Inverter, Solar panels, Stove, Grill (any other kitchen accessory), Air-conditioning units, Fridge, Water heater, Water pump, Water filter, Winch, 12/240 Volts Alternator or any other gadgets are not considered mechanical breakdowns and downtime will not be paid for these items.

  • On caravan holidays, the lifestyle is very different and events are much less predictable than on a conventional holiday. Health, safety and operational standards-particularly of wild camp sites are not up to the western levels. However good our organization is, we are at the mercy of the unexpected, tours are statements of intent rather than promises. Local weather, politics, transport (vehicle breakdown) or a host of other uncontrollable factors can mean a change in itinerary or means of transport. It is unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered, but if changes are necessary the leader/driver will decide the best alternative, after consultation with the group. If any delay or change does occur, we will do everything to minimize its effects, but we cannot be held responsible for the results of delays or changes outside our control. Finally, crime and other security risks exists practically inall around the globe, just as they do in Miami or London. Travelling in a group is a safeguard, but not a guarantee. Though we will take all reasonable care of you, but we cannot do this adequately if you do not at all times take sensible precautions yourself.
  • Any information or advice provided by the Company on matters such as permits, visas, vaccinations, insurance, climate, clothing, baggage, special equipment, route details, guided tour itinerary etc is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of the company and the passenger accepts responsibility for obtaining any necessary travel documents required for the tour. All Indian or foreign citizens must carry valid passport or voter ID card or college identity card with photograph.
  • Any kind of pre medical conditions/illness like high BP, Sugar, Diabetes, dizziness or mountain sickness (minor or major) should be disclosed at the time of booking. All the related medicine and aid to be procured by the client before the commencement of the trip. Motorhome Adventures will be providing the basic aid for fever, cold, stomach ache, dehydration only.
  • If you have any complaint about the tour, you should make it known at the earliest opportunity to the leader, who will normally be able to take appropriate action. If you are not satisfied with his response and you feel your enjoyment of the tour is likely to be significantly affected, you should notify our head office in Delhi and we will do our best to resolve the problem.
  • Your booking is accepted on the understanding that you realize the inconvenience and discomfort involved in this kind of tour. The whole philosophy of this type of travel is one which allows alternatives and a substantial degree of on-tour flexibility. Itinerary given for each guidedtour must therefore be taken as an indication of what each group should accomplish, and not as a contractual obligation on the part of MOTORHOME ADVENTURES. For any guided/organized/customised tours by any individual, change in itinerary may be caused by local political conditions, weather, border restrictions, sickness, mechanical breakdown or other unforeseeable circumstances. No refunds will be given for services not utilised. It is a fundamental condition of joining any of the Motorhome tours described in this site that you accept this flexibility, and acknowledge that delays and alterations and their results, such as inconvenience, discomfort or disappointment are possible.
  • On an adventurous tour it is necessary that you abide by the authority of the leader/driver, which represents the company. The terms are mentioned on our website motorhome.co.in as of 1st January 2020 thus our terms and/or signing our booking form signifies your agreement to this, and if you commit any illegal act on the tour which would cause danger, distress or annoyance to others, we may terminate your travel arrangements without any liability on our part.

RESCUE COST : For sectors where Motorhome Adventures is Operational (India, Nepal, Bhutan) It takes a fraction of a second for an adventurous situation to turn into an accident. Although we have experience and we will be giving you the safest trip possible but natural calamities, illness or vehicle breakdowns do happen in such trips.

In the heat of the situation Motorhome Adventures operation team will do their very best to provide you the first aid and take the necessary precautions so that you could enjoy your trip. However in case of severe emergency if the client is evacuated/ rescued via a support vehicle (on road or air) all the cost has to be payed by the client once he/she reaches safe at their destination.

The Company will accept liability for the negligence of its own employees causing direct physical injury to passengers only to the extent under Indian law. We cannot be held responsible for any other mishap to yourself or your property, and in particular for the consequences or effects of strikes, wars, robbery, sickness, mechanical breakdown, quarantine, Government intervention or other such happenings. Passengers travelling on vehicles owned by Motorhome Adventures are covered by vehicle liability insurance only and by accepting an email you acknowledge that the Company has taken all reasonable steps to safeguard its liability in this respect.

Personal Travel Insurance:

Personal Travel Insurance is the responsibility of the hirer/passengers who have opted for the rental. We strongly recommend to have personal travel insurance while travelling.

Vehicle Insurance Policy : All vehicles owned by Motorhome Adventures has a First party insurance. Indian legislation provides limited coverage for personal injuries.


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